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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send text messages in international languages?

We currently only support UTF-8 encoding of common english language. You therefore cannot send text messages in a foreign language. We are hopeful that we will be able to provide text messaging service in all languages soon.

Why is there a limit to the length of SMS I can send?

The limit on the total allowable characters in a text message is set by mobile carriers. We have to follow the standard international encoding and concatenation guidelines to be able to connect with mobile carriers successfully.

What caller ID number will the recepient see if I send text using FoxText?

Due to restrictions applied by mobile carriers, you cannot set your own phone number as a caller ID. FoxText will set its own phone number as a caller ID for all text and SMS messages. Make sure you let the recepient know about you inside the text message.

Is my communication on FoxText secure?

We take user privacy very seriously. All information sent to FoxText is treated with privacy and care. All information between you and our servers is encrypted to keep it secure.

I am facing connection issues, what should I do?

Please contact us at, and we will get it fixed.