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Free Text by FoxText


FoxText is world's best app for sending free text. If you are looking to send a SMS or text message to your friend or a family member, no matter where in the world they are then you have landed on the right page. Simply go ahead and enter the phone number and the text message and we will deliver your text message instantly for completely free. Use our service to send a free text today!


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How to send free text.

Follow these 3 steps to send free text:

  1. 1- Using internet, open your browser and goto
  2. 2- Enter the mobile number in the correct international dialing format.
  3. 3- Click on send. Sending free text has never been easier and more convenient.

Free text to mobile phones

We have direct partnership with thousands of mobile operators that enables us to send free text messages. We are trying to create a more open world by offering free texting service. We hope you like our product and share us with your friends.

Free text is a reality

If you are still in doubt and wondering if we are really for free - simply go ahead and try sending a text message and see for yourself. Users today require unlimited free texts. FoxText is world's first platform that enables free texting to all carriers.