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Send A Text using FoxText


You can now send a text to any mobile phone number using FoxText. Simply go ahead and enter the phone number and the text message you are looking to send and click on the send button. The dialpad is right on this page. You do not need to sign in or make any payment to send a text. Make sure you enter the phone number in the correct international dialing format.


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Send a text from PC

FoxText enables you to send a text from your PC. You do not need a mobile phone to send or receive text messages. We use the SMS protocol to send your text message instantly and securely.

Send a text to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint Mobile

FoxText has direct partnerships with over 1000 mobile operators worldwide. You do not need to know the carrier for the number you are looking to send a message to. Since you give us the phone number, we look up the phone number in our internal databases first to identify the carrier. Once the carrier is identified, we send your text directly to the mobile operator for instant delivery.

Send A Text For Free

Remember that sending texts is only free if you use FoxText. All other websites or apps will ask you for payment or require you to sign in. We have no such limitation and enable all users from around the world to send a text for completely free.